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CrxLogbook - Lastest QSOs, after 20/01 05:55 - cache life is 2min

 QSO dateContactByModeBand
24/01/2022 18:36II3WRTCHA8TICW80m
24/01/2022 18:32RD4AAK/6HA8TIFT880m
24/01/2022 15:51HI3T/QRPHA8TICW17m
24/01/2022 15:50HI3THA8TICW17m
24/01/2022 09:44F4IDZF4JDGDMRpmruhf
24/01/2022 09:12EA4AVM/PF4GLDSSB40m
24/01/2022 09:08DL8ECA/PF4GLDSSB40m
24/01/2022 08:01FR5FCF4JDGDMR2m
23/01/2022 16:10JK1XDXF4JDGDMR2m
23/01/2022 11:18PB5XF4JFQSSB40m
23/01/2022 11:18PB5XF4JFQSSB40m
23/01/2022 09:39II8WRTCF4GLDSSB40m
23/01/2022 09:37II5WRTCF4GLDSSB40m
23/01/2022 09:35ON75ODEF4GLDSSB40m
22/01/2022 20:54RV0ARHA8TIFT880m
22/01/2022 14:55OH6GFGF4JFQSSB20m
22/01/2022 13:43F8ATEF4JDGFM2m
22/01/2022 11:02R4CECF6FLUFT820m
22/01/2022 10:57ON3PCBF6FLUFT820m
22/01/2022 10:53IZ8EYNF6FLUFT820m
22/01/2022 10:49RA1TDF6FLUFT820m
22/01/2022 10:46HA5MGF6FLUFT820m
21/01/2022 11:21CT1CXDF4JFQSSB20m
21/01/2022 10:11M6WYDF4JFQSSB40m
20/01/2022 16:42KW4SPF4INYFT815m
20/01/2022 16:42KA9FOXF4INYFT815m
20/01/2022 16:41N9MKCF4INYFT815m
20/01/2022 16:02F4JBIF4JDGDMRpmruhf
19/01/2022 17:04ZF2PGF4INY/MSSB20m
19/01/2022 16:14SP8ARYF4INY/MSSB20m

Dx-spot map (refresh 3min)

Welcome !

The main aim of the project "CRXCluster" is to purpose innovative tools open to amator radio communitie and on the *cloud (*no software installation required).

Tools available :
- logbook with import/export data.
- eMap this is a map application witch work with dx spots data, users data, grayline and more !
- band map this component display a band map and based on dxcluster-spots data.
- vQSL a complete QSL manager and also mailbox system, with verification of QSO.
- Web dxcluster here you'll be able to show spot and also dxcc status (contact or not).
- Dxcluster Telnet here you can connect to the cluster with various program like logger32, Ham radio deluxe.
- Dxcluster spot tx/rx with advanced filter's (QRG/SPOT CALL/SPOT FROM/ORIGIN OF SPOT)
- Dxcluster mail alert, you can define your IARU zone filter for the spot sender on each dxcc.
- Chat, with realtime online user list, private chat this is good for "radio sked".
- Azimut/Distance of QSO and from your QTH (with QRA LOCATOR implementation).
- Search engine you can search into the stop database and inside your logbook database.
- Band status view not neccessary to look on the dxcluster view with this tool and you are ready for dxing (display a matrix with bands/continent/nb spots) !
- Propagation view you have a tool to calcul MUF and also a display provide by N0NBH.

Good Dx with !

The CRX team.